Teach Your Child About Colors With Preschool Printable Worksheets

Published: 21st September 2010
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Human beings are born with the ability to see the difference between various colors, but we are not born with the ability to name them. Color plays a part in many learning areas for young children, and is used to help them learn and remember far more than what color socks match which shoes. A great way to teach your child about colors is by using preschool printable worksheets, especially good quality worksheets that vary the teaching to help your kids really learn the concept.

Here are six reasons your preschooler needs to learn about color.

Recognizing Colors
Naturally, your child needs to be able to name and recognize different colors. This ability is one of the factors used by kindergartens and schools to determine whether a child is prepared or not.

Developing Language
Colors are used to describe and identify specific objects, helping your child to learn how to pronounce many different words. Colors are often the first adjectives your child will use in sentence construction as well.

Expanding Vocabulary
When your child discovers a new item, they learn the color and the name of that item as well. They may have recognized the color first, but now they will recognize the item and know its name as well.

Learning to Read
Some early reading books replace new or difficult words with pictures. Your child will recognize the picture before they recognize the word. Color and shape helps children identify the pictures and read the sentence.

Future Use of Color
As adults, we use color recognition in ways that we are not even aware of. Road signs and traffic lights use color to provide us with warnings and information – and distinguish between the two. Maps rely on color to identify features of our surroundings, and color coding is used for everything from filing systems to project planning. Our behaviour, mood and reactions are influenced by color as well.

Color and Creativity
Children and adults express their creativity with color. Rather than insist that your child always color objects in the colors they appear in in real life, encourage them to express their imagination and play
with color too. Mixing paints helps children to understand color and its many hues and tones, and is a fun activity for all ages.

Before your child can talk, you can start teaching them the different colors. By the time they are 4 years old, your child should be able to name about 10 different colors. You can help your child learn about color with various worksheets and games. Repetition and practice are the best ways to reinforce learning at this early stage – but make sure the worksheets are not repetitive, or your child will just get bored.

A good set of preschool printable worksheets will help you color your child’s world. The David Dolphin Workbook Series uses a variety of fun ways and illustrations to make learning more effective. Download a free coloring book for your child and get started today!

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